success story

At Hibiscus we believe firmly in matching your personal vision and passion to your branding. Nowhere is this more clear than in the case of Dr. Nathan Carter and Bridge to Integrated Living.

When Dr. Carter, a psychiatrist specializing in addiction, came to us about starting his own practice in North Carolina, we began with one of the most critical steps in branding: naming his new business.

Initially, Dr. Carter wanted to name his practice “The Dual Diagnostic Institute.” He felt it would reflect the dual struggles that many mentally ill addicts experience- as well as his unique, comprehensive approach to treatment. 

While the name “Dual Diagnostic Institute” sounded very professional, it wasn’t meaningful. It didn’t reflect Dr. Carter’s incredibly caring personality, or his deep passion for helping people overcome their addiction. The majority of his clients wouldn’t even know what “dual diagnostic” meant. 

We knew we had to come up with something new, to draw people into Dr. Carter’s world of healing, hope and a path to a new life. 

We asked Dr. Carter the question we ask all of our clients: “Why?” What is it that drives you? “ He answered that when he was in medical school, he discovered there wasn’t a truly integrated approach in treating mental illness and addiction. That until there was such an approach, people wouldn’t be able to transform their lives like they wanted. They’d never be able to fully heal and bridge that gap between medicine and truly living.

That’s when Bridge to Integrated Living was born.

While Dr. Carter was talking, we kept imagining a transitional safe place upon which someone with an addiction and/or mental illness might be able to stand, as their life took on new meaning. It was the image of a “bridge” that kept entering our minds as Dr. Carter explained to us what was so important to him. Soon after, we came up with the name Bridge to Integrated Living to describe his vision for helping others.

When we told Dr. Carter our idea, he loved it. He felt it was the perfect phrase that encapsulated everything he wanted to achieve with his new practice. We quickly took to the Internet, and found photos of bridges that perfectly matched this vision!

We also consulted Dr. Carter on the importance of social media to spread awareness of the treatment options for people struggling with mental illness and addiction. Heroin addiction is an epidemic, one whose tragic impacts have been widely discussed and reported on. It was of the utmost importance that Dr. Carter take this opportunity to spread his knowledge about addiction and recovery through social media and blogging.

The branding process was supposed to take two hours. It took only half an hour for us to decide what direction it would take. Since he began his business in April 2016, Bridge to Integrated Living has been booked solid. 

Dr. Carter is so successful that he doesn’t even accept insurance!

The branding associated with Bridge to Integrated Living gives Dr. Carter’s clients a sense of hope, inspiration, and connection. As branding and graphic design experts, it was our duty to turn Dr. Carter’s compassionate dream into a reality. We can honestly say that after working with Dr. Carter on this project- a project to transform the lives of people struggling with addiction and mental illness- he’s not just our client, but our friend.