Website Visual & Content Audit

There are two types of searchers online. "Top menu searchers" look for items in the drop down menu, while "scrolling searchers" look past the header menu and scroll down the homepage to find what they are looking for. Which one are you? Does your website cater to both types?
Website Visual & Content Audit

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Website Visual & Content Audit

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Are you getting inquires online?

Are you tracking your website with any form of analytics?

Is your website user friendly?

Can users find what they need with ease?

You can not solely rely on words to tell your story, because people don't always take the time to read. Visuals matter because they break up the copy. You have to ask they represent my brand? Is the imagery I have selected overused and is it diverse?

When someone visits your site, you should have an idea of how you want them to interact with your brand. What is on the home page matters and should engage the visitor to stay and dive into the site for even more information. The navigation should be clean and easy to follow - each user should have no problem looking for the solution they came for.

  • Website Visual & Content Audit
    +$6.25 Service fee
    +$6.25 Service fee

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