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Interactive Team and About Pages Bring Your Website to Life

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Engage more clients with your personality. Stand out from others and show them what you may or may not have in common.

Graphics break up copy and make visitors want to read paragraphs. Writing bios can be a struggle and most websites get held up waiting on the content to come in or the employee to tell their story. Then, the boss, owner, or editor will edit it down even more.

Show off your family, dogs or babies! People love that - they feel connected. Show off what you love - wine, or a favorite TV show. List some cool stats like @pikeproperties did. Get creative. Websites don't have to be BORING.

If you're looking for creative ideas for how to design or come up with your new about or team pages - let us help create a work of art. These graphics are also great for social media posts and become a part of your brand and your brand's story. If you want to sign up and get our feedback, fill out our new client form today and we can connect with you.

If you haven't had a creative conversation regarding your brand story and team - why not - 2020 has us all revamping the way people truly see us online since they can't see us in person. #makeastatement

Pike Properties

Amelia Winchester Photography

Alisha Monique PR

Catherine Dolan

James Pagano


Natalie Legrand Are you ready to brand your business? Let us know! And you will join our noteworthy Hibiscus clientele in Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Napa Valley and beyond.

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