This pertains to both words AND visuals.




Just like how you arrange the furniture in your house or change your outfit, your website also needs to change. If you build a website and never change it, Google never comes back and looks at it.

You should be able to look at analytics and know which pages aren’t being seen. Re-design them or relocate the pages.

No one likes SEO or the negative connotation it holds. It's okay. We don't either. So... we re-branded it to


Content Visually Refined.

interested in website analysis?

If you receive an analysis from our company and hire us to redesign or enhance your current site we will discount the fee from your total cost.



"Hibiscus Graphix designs outstanding logos and websites - visually appealing, informative, and brand-specific. Anna and her team work with each client thoroughly to ensure putting their best foot forward in the world. Strongly recommend!"

"We absolutely love the website!!! We are so excited to get it launched and start showing it off. We are beyond excited and you guys really knocked it out of the park!!"

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